B-פאוץ’ מחסניות סוג - Ammo & Battery Pouch

פאוץ’ מחסניות מודולארי המכיל עד 3 מחסניות 5.56. בצד ישנם תאים קטנים ופס משיכה לאיכסון סוללות

• The Longtail Advanced Ammo Pouch is a one-of-a-kind modular pouch
• With a 3 Mag Capacity, 2 Chemlight or Multitool pods, 1 admin pocket and twin drop-down twin document panels, it's a pouch every tactical professional should own
• It combines the ability to carry three M4 magazines with a transparent drop-down section that allows you to see critical radio codes, map sections, suspect photographs or other vital documents.
• The sides contain both a small admin pouch and two chemlight compartments.

• 1000D Mil-Spec Tactical Nylon
• Mil Spec Plastic Hardware
• Made in Israel

OD Green

Customer Reviews

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Eugene Podrazik, MD

This review reflects on an overall design philosophy that really thinks out all the kinks that will come up in actual use.Coming from my background as an engineer, you just sense the forethought applied throughout your product line.

Stan Dominick

Advanced Ammo Pouch

Melf Negel
Nifty Pouch

Cool gear for those who need a place for a small card. Well made

Great pouch

I bought this on whim after looking for something more that just a magazine pouch.These are great. Molle is really functional.I added the pouch to my pack and found its great for holding all different things. Radio, GPS unit, medical kit, even the narrow mouth hydroflask. or water bottle Would definitely buy another!

Michael Exendine
Extremely Well-Built and Versatile!

I bought the Advanced Ammo Pouch in Multicam to go on my plate carrier, wanting an option for additional mags, a radio, or water bottle, depending on how much ammo I expected to go through in training or what the situation was. I also wanted a place to keep a radio freqs, strip maps, and other documentation I might need. The pouch does it all, with the only "limitation" being that 3 Pmags is a tight fit, and even that is mitigated by USGI mags or working them in a little more. It's a great product that I might get a couple more of in other patterns, for another carrier and possibly a belt set-up.